girl with big foreheads

The beauty of a broad high forehead

Beauty standards that were set for a typical person keep changing year to year and after a year they disappear. The facial features had even more standard points like plump lips, sharp nose, sharp jawline, high and broad forehead with smooth glowing skin.

Beyond the race or skin color of a person, these were seen as basic face symmetrical features preferred by many people. But not many are aware of the high forehead as these days high forehead means the person is getting bald. Click site to see hairstyles for girls with big foreheads.

In ancient times big forehead, a sign of beauty that was the idea everywhere even people deliberately went for them.

The ancient beauty

For people who don’t believe it, there are portraits of ancient women who have a broad high forehead. Women back in those saw that as a standard of high beauty and even plucked their forehead hair to have a high forehead. Not only that girls with big foreheads were considered elegant and attractive with less decorative accessories. Even though the trends keep changing certain standards never go down and a high forehead is one among them.

Facial features

But nothing is in place all the time and beauty standards and ideas differ from country to country and in-person everyone has unique features. Though a sharp nose is standardized if a small nose makes you look better than others it is good. A hairstyle emphasizing the high forehead beauty makes the person who is looking go stunned. While some utilize the feature, some avoid it by covering them with their hairstyles and bangs which is unlikely to understand.

The misunderstanding

Many people don’t understand how to emphasize their own beauty and get off with the idea of beautifying themselves. Many people like models and artists try to cherish what they have by trying new ideas on their looks. But there are people who avoid even having a pony as it would show their high forehead and cover them. Whether the shape of the face is round or oval, heart or a square we cannot expect our genetics to be proportionally perfect.

The beauty standards as mentioned earlier keep changing and our key to keep up with our beauty are to be confident in our look. We shouldn’t prioritize our look based on what others’ standards work for if you feel different accessorize yourself to present yourself better in front of others to have a unique charm.