Causes for dandruff in children

Dandruff is one of those common issues that today’s generation facing not only the adult children also gets dandruff. As you think dandruff is not that serious thing especially when you see them in kids. The dandruff is a tiny white flake; they are present in the outermost layer of the scalp.

This dandruff is a shedding of dead cells so there is no reason for worrying about it. But it should be treated to avoid serious complications, in that case, there is so many home treatment dandruff for children you can follow any of those treatments to cure them.

Not only treating the dandruff is enough you have to get to know the causes dandruff in a child to prevent them. To give some knowledge on these causes here it is pointed out;

No proper shampooing

The children are more active peoples than the adult you cannot restrict them from going outside and you cannot predict the things they are doing. So like other parts of the body you have to wash their hair in the proper interval to remove the dirt and dead cells in the scalp. When there is improper shampooing that might be one of those reasons for arising dandruff in children.


When you are using some new hair products to them there sometimes it may cause allergy and irritation in them and if it is not treated properly that may lead to dandruff.

dry skin


Making your kids consume food is one of the toughest things ever you do. Usually, kids used to prefer unhealthy foods like snacks and junk foods to eat. This becomes the reason for malnutrition in kids and that malnutrition sometimes triggers dandruff in them.


Malassezia furfur is one of the yeast fungus species they grow rapidly on the scalp and that disturbs the growth of natural scalps. Rarely may it be the reason for kids for dandruff development.

Hormonal changes

The children are growing peoples in that case in every stage of growth the children undergo certain changes. These hormonal changes might be the reason for the cause of dandruff in the children.


This dermatitis is also said to be eczema which results in the inflammation of the skin. It is not that serious infection but not go that easily. So it is better to consult a doctor.

Dry skin

If your kid has dry skin that might be one of the causes of dandruff in children. Seasonal changes may trigger dandruff in children.

Final verdicts

If your children have dandruff gets to know the right cause of dandruff in them so that only you can treat properly.