Ideas for cute curly hairstyles in kids

If you are a mom then stop wearing those boring routine hairstyles to your kid start trying something beyond the regular style. There are hundreds and thousands of hairstyles to try when you don’t have an idea about those flattering hairstyles for curly kids you can get help from the internet or you can also consult your hairstylist they can suggest you some of the coolest hairstyles for your curly hair kid.

Here are some of those flattering hairstyles for curly hair kids are given below to help you look for them and make your kid stand unique from other kids in her hairstyles.

baby curls

Loose curls with a hairband

The kids always look super cute on loose curls that cover their shoulders and give complete look for them. On wearing the loose curls she might look simple but stay unique from the crowd and to avoid those curls falling on the face you can put the hairband.

Loose curls with a turban

Another way to have loose curls is you can replace the turban in the place of hair bands and this turban covers the hair of the front.

Pigtail braids

To get the new look you can try the pigtail braids in your curly hair kids and when your kid is too active this hairstyle can keep their hair safe from getting damaged.

Baby curls with flowers

If you love to try something on your kid’s hair you can try the afro curls with the flowers. To avoid the hairs falling on the face you can place the flower band on the front side. That means pushing the hair from front to back with the flower band.


The cornrows are the perfect choice for the curly hair kids that keep all the hairs out of the face at the same time it keeps their hair safe.

Upper hairdo

If your kid’s hair is a little longer you can try the upper hairdo, through this your kid looks stylish at the same time hair will also be safe.


The ponytail is a favorite hairstyle of all girls and even curly hair kids look great on having the ponytail with western dresses.


Side ponytails

You can also try the side ponytails in your curly hair kid because the side ponytails make your kid looks great.

Middle-part curls

If your kid likes to have the natural hair out in loose you can make them have with the separating the middle-part and it is one of those easy hairstyles.

Bun with bangs

People are thinking only straight hair girls can have bangs but curly hair can also have them. You can cut some hair for curly hair kids to have bangs so that your kid can have unusual look than normal.

Final thoughts

In the above content, some of the curly kids hairstyles are shared which you can look to try on your kids.