curling your hairs

Steps to curl short hair

Generally, hairstyles influence the look of girls, and probably most of the hairstyles portrait you in a prettier way. One among those easy but prettier hairstyles comes with the curls that can give you an additional charm.

As you think, making curls on short hair is not that tough thing it is the easiest thing when you get to know how to curl short hair with a fringe. If you are bored of having routine hairstyles and thinking about having short hair curls look below to get to learn how to make the curls.

Below are the steps to make short hair curly;

Freshly washed hair

Before having a curl on your hair to get a good look, you can clean and wash your hair. Because the fresh hair looks bouncier and shinier, when you curl your hair with this shinier look it makes you look great. To have perfect curls use the hairdryer at least for 90% of drying.

Curl from front

Now it is time for curling your hairs, before start using the curling iron apply or spray any of the heat protectants over your hair that protects your hair from getting damaged because of curling iron heat. Then take the curling iron barrels and begin the curling around your front section of hair. Continue the same curling technique until all sections of hair getting curled. If suppose some of the sections are slightly uneven don’t stress them leave as it is.

curls and style

Shake the curls and style

After completing hair curling just shakes the curls don’t lose the ringlets. By this, you can have good curls and finish it with spraying the hair spray. Now you can style your curls based on your need.

Final words

Making the curls in short hair at your home is so simple with the help of curling irons but before starting get to know how to do it.